Pink Owl Deluxe Swaddle™

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About This Product

The Deluxe Swaddle™ by Just Born® is the smarter way to achieve the perfect swaddle - gently wrapping your baby in comfort for a better and safer night's sleep. The Deluxe Swaddle™ features a unique support pad for baby's head and neck, soothing Comfort Wraps®, air vents for temperature control and options for arms-in or arms-out swaddling. The roomy leg pocket adjusts as your baby grows, ensuring hip-healthy swaddling and easy diaper changes. The Deluxe Swaddle™ is carefully crafted and expertly designed in consultation with pediatricians, nurses and physical therapists for your baby to sleep safely and you to sleep soundly.

Product Details

  • Ideal for children from 0 to 3 months (7-14 pounds), soft, easy -care cotton and mesh air vents assures baby's comfort in all seasons.
  • Head support and cradle-pad provide relief for back of baby's head and safe swaddle positioning
  • Comfort Wraps® provide natural colic relief and secure sleep
  • Adjustable for arms-in and arms-out swaddling

Awesome & Super Cute!

My mother just got this for me and my husband and we love it! It's perfect support for the spine and head with the extra support cushion. I absolutely recommend this and I love the way that it has cute patterns to chose from!
STEPHANIE 12/11/2015

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Family wellness begins with a good night’s sleep for you and your baby. Our team of experts design products with you in mind. We focus on the science of sleep so you and your family can get more of it. Our research-based approach encompasses neurological, physiological and emotional development to help you create a well sleep environment for your baby. Each product in our Well Sleep Collection has unique features and benefits to achieve wellness, giving you peace of mind that your baby will sleep safely while you sleep soundly.

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